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Our team of experts can help you not only conceptualize you planned business but also generate feasibility studies, facilitate registration and licensing with concerned government agencies (i.e. DTI, SEC, BIR, LGU), install state of the art computer systems and hardware, and perform management consulting and executive coaching in the following fields:

We also specialize in facilitating the establishment of investment companies (i.e. mutual funds) in the Philippines and provide advice with transfer of technology to the same. We also carry award winning investment portfolio management, fund accounting and registrar systems (with SMS feature).

For more details, please email info@personalfinance.ph or call (63917) 505-0709 or (632) 218-0141.

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There are many strategies to choose from when it comes to financial planning. However, your choice will be influenced by many factors.

It would be downright reckless of us to just recommend a strategy off the cuff without clearly understanding your particular situation. Such quality of service is also the minimum we should be providing as certified financial planners.

To this end,  we came up with our comprehensive financial plan (CFP) service. The service covers the four areas of personal finance, namely: cash, debt, risk and wealth management. Specific areas include include proper budgeting, responsible borrowing, appropriate insuring, wise investing, and efficient wealth transfers.

We can conduct our CFP service in one meeting.  The meeting is to gather data and present the possible strategies.  Our final written report, which we call an investment policy statement (IPS) shall be submitted shortly after the meeting (usually the day after).  This IPS is like your own prospectus where you will not only get the quantification of your goals but also the means with which to achieve them. And if you will be outsourcing the management of your funds (i.e. through investment management accounts or pooled funds), the IPS will provide you the means with which to assess the performance of such fund managers vis-à-vis your financial goals.

Our CFP service amounts to Php15,000 + VAT. The investment in our CFP service is small compared to the cost savings and potential gains you will get from executing a well-thought of financial plan.

You also gets to consult us on matters related to the plan we will give you for free for as long as our company is in existence. However, we will need to charge again if what you are asking us will require the provision of a new plan.

We will issue a non-disclosure agreement before the conduct of our meeting. All you need to bring to our meeting is a good grasp of your financial situation. Any other information needed will be asked for during the meeting based on your particular life situation. You may choose to bring insurance policies and investment contracts that you need clarification on.


Cash, Debt, Risk & Wealth Management

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