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Personal Finance            Advisers EMPOWERING YOU Be a YAMAN Coach

We at the Personal Finance Advisers Philippines Corporation invite interested people to become a YAMAN Coach to share in our vision of seeing financial empowerment spread among the common Filipino.  To this end, our mission is to provide the best personal finance solutions through both training and execution.

We do not sell or endorse any financial product or product provider.  In the execution part of our mission, we just provide the technology platform.

The Accreditation Process

Now, to become an independent YAMAN Coach, we ask people to go through the following accreditation process:


1. Submit an updated curriculum vitae to info@personalfinance.ph and the reason why you want to be a YAMAN Coach.

2. Be or become an AFP® or RFP® (must have attended My PF App training program module).

We target mainly corporate clients.  Thus, a YAMAN Coach must have a network of Employee Relations Officers or their equivalent with companies. Once you have complied with the above-numbered requirements, realized that you share our vision and mission, believed in our brand of training and demonstrated that you possess the network to promote personal finance then we can already sit down and sign a consultancy agreement.

Thereafter, we will invite you to attend our EnRich CD-RW training run and any one-on-one consultation with a PFA client. We will advise you on the next schedule as soon as you have been accepted as a YAMAN Coach.  

Attendance at an EnRichCD-RW training run and one-on-one consultation with a PFA client allows you to see first-hand what you will be promoting as a tool for personal finance training. Our training style is unique in that we combine detailed practical cash, debt, risk and wealth management lessons with entertainment to deepen the learning. This brand of training has worked for all of our corporate clients, most of which rank among the top 1,000 in the Philippines.

Benefits of Being a YAMAN Coach

The contract will specify that you are an authorized representative (not an employee) of our Company.  As such, excluding the gross fees on the EnRich after program coaching service, you will earn a 20% gross referral fee on all of our training programs that you can successfully solicit clients for.  You will also get a discount on the SRP of our easy-to-read personal finance books, which you may sell up to the SRP. All sales of books during training runs that you solicit will be credited to you even though you do not buy our books beforehand.

As a YAMAN Coach, you will be given your own “name@personalfinance.ph” email address which you may access through MS Outlook or through the web. We will also provide you with your own business cards. You will also be trained on the job in providing personal finance and investment advice.

Why be Associated with the Personal Finance Advisers Philippines Corporation

Our Company has achieved many firsts in the field of personal finance, namely:

1. Recognition by the Personal Finance Employee Education Foundation of the US as the Philippines’ first “International Best Provider” of workplace finance education;

2. First to be a truly independent financial planning company with no product/company endorsements and no commissions. 

3. Lead trainer is the only financial planner in the country who is a seasoned investment adviser/fund manager with more than 30 years of experience in the financial services industry.

4. Lead trainer has three best selling books on personal finance written for Filipinos.  To this day, two of these are still the only books in the country that come with personal finance calculators.

5. Lead trainer was appointed writer for the 50th anniversary book of the PDIC.  The book is not just about the PDIC.  It is written to provide practical ways on becoming a wise saver.

6. Lead trainer co-authored the first behavioral economics book in the country that was written by a financial planner, neurologist and psychologist.

7. Through its partnership with Jatis Imagineering, our Company produced the country’s first personal finance mobile app that is free.  Very soon, the app will empower users by allowing them to execute their financial plans via the cell phone and web.

8. Lead trainer appears from time to time on TV and radio as personal finance expert.

9. Lead trainer is a Registered Financial planner and was recognized by MoneySense magazine as one of the 12 most influential people in personal finance in 2011.

10. Lead trainer writes for the Philippine Daily Inquirer, Cebu Daily News and MoneySense magazine.

11. Lead trainer was a resident blogger for Savings Tips.com and is one for Investment.fwd.com.ph and the digital initiatives for employee engagement of Unilab, Inc.

At the end of the day, ours is an advocacy.  We have something that we do very well (that is personal finance training); we love to do it; and what we do is what the world needs.  That the world is now willing to pay for our services is just the by product.