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The EnRich™ Getting Out of Debt (GOOD) Program aims to get people out of debt in the quickest time possible  through a combination debt condonation, loan refinancing, financial plans and coaching. The end is to lower your interest expense and monthly cash outflow for debt amortization overall while providing you with the guide to avoid a recurrence of over borrowing and the tools to fight unfair collection practices that many times violate laws on cybercrime prevention and data privacy.

Any refinancing loan shall be provided by our partner lender while our Company, the Personal Finance Advisers Philippines Corporation (PFA) shall be limited to providing financial advice through the following:

Free service

Paid service (Php15,000.00 + VAT, which is made part of the refinancing loan from our partner lender)

Our Company does not guarantee the approval of a refinancing loan. The loan applicant shall have to pass the credit review of our partner lender and, once approved, execute separate documents with them. Our Company also does not earn any referral fee from our partner lender.  There shall be no fee charged by our Company or by our partner lender if there is no approved refinancing loan, which is critical to our program. Nonetheless, interested individuals shall still be provided the free services listed above.

You may email enrich@personalfinance.ph or send an SMS to (0917) 505-0709 for any clarifications you may have.