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Developed to address the changing needs of today’s consumers, the RFP® program will provide you with a vital grounding across a broad spectrum of personal financial planning. From financial management to risk management to investment planning, the RFP® program is uniquely designed to provide you with a transformative learning experience.

In the RFP® program, you will learn about the different facets of personal financial planning. You will learn how to gather data, appreciate your client's financial situation and construct personal financial plan to help him achieve his goal. More importantly, you will be able to help your client achieve your life goals with minimum costs and risks involved. The RFP® certification is your path to achieving professional competence and recognition.

Becoming an RFP® professional requires the completion of four steps.

1. Education

You must complete the eight Saturday morning education program offered by RFP® Philippines. The program consists of the following courses:

2. Case Presentation

Once you have completed the education program, you need to present a real life financial planning case to a panel of RFP®s.  You will need to cover most if not all of what you have learned and present the case no more than one year after completing the education program (otherwise you will need to repeat the education program before you are allowed to present your financial planning case).

3. Experience

In order to obtain the RFP® certification, you need to have at least two (2) years of prior financial planning-related experience.

4. Ethics

Once you become a RFP® professional, you must attest that you have complied with the RFP® Code of Ethics and have met the annual forty (40) Continuing Education credit requirements each year. The RFP® designation must also be renewed annually.

The enrollment fee is Twenty Eight Thousand Pesos (Php28,000). If you enroll through PFA, you will get to attend PFA’s MS Excel training for financial planning where a comprehensive financial calculator is provided you.  This calculator will help you breeze through calculations so that you can focus more on the solutions through execution.  This calculator is also updated periodically for free and can include update suggestions by users. The MS Excel training will be done for one more Saturday morning after the education program.

You can join the quarterly schedule of the RFP® training program or gather at least twenty five (25) participants to have a specially scheduled training for your group.  Special schedules can be conducted for as short as four (4) straight days.  For special schedules outside of Metro Manila, your group will have to shoulder the travel, board, lodging and other attendant expenses of a maximum of four (4) trainers.

For other details, please contact PFA through info@personalfinance.ph or 0917-505-0709 or (02) 359-3094. You may also visit www.rfp.ph.


Be the best financial planner you can ever be by attending the Financial Planner's Training of the Personal Finance Advisers (PFA) that leads to the globally recognized certification, Associate Financial Planner (AFP®).

1.   Produce financial planning solutions in seconds with MS Excel through the MF PF App™

2.   Understand the psychology behind personal finance through behavioral economics

3.   Present comprehensive solutions through estate planning devices

4.   Learn the layman’s guide to portfolio management

           5.   Put together a comprehensive financial plan

           6.   Put up your financial planning consultancy

The schedule for 8 am to 5 pm training is as follows:

  1.   Bacolod City - January 11-13, 2018, venue TBA
  2.   Mandaluyong City - January 20, 27 and February 3, 2018, Dome Cafe, G/F Shangri-la Plaza Mall, Mandaluyong City
  3.   Cagayan de Oro City - February 8-10, 2018, MASS SPECC, Tiano corner Yacapin Streets, Cagayan de Oro City
  4.   Davao City - February 15-17, 2018, Lispher Inn, Juna Avenue, Juna Subdivision, Matina, Davao City
  5.   Cebu City - February 22-24, 2018, Unit 832, 8/F, Tower 3, Ultima Tower Mall, Cebu City
  6.   Baguio City - March 1-3, 2018, El Cielito Inn, 50 Northdrive, Engineer’s Hill, Baguio City

The schedule of training topics is as follows:

Day 1 (am) - My PF App™

Day 1 (pm) - Estate planning devices

Day 2 (am) - Behavioral Economics

Day 2 (1 to 3 pm) - Layman’s Guide to Portfolio Management part 1

Day 2 (3:15 to 5 pm) - AFP® certification exam

Day 3 (8 to 10 am) - Layman’s guide to portfolio management part 2

Day 3 (10:15 am to 12 noon) - Setting up and running your financial consultancy business

Optional Day 3 (1 to 5 pm) - EnRich™ CD-RW public run where new financial planners are introduced

The early bird knowledge investment (KI) is as follows:

Thereafter, the KI is Php18,000 + VAT. All KI include AM/PM snacks and lunch during the training, a FREE copy of “Taming the Rebellious You”, one year membership in AFP® but exclude the cost of travel to and accommodation at the venue.

If you want to attend the My PF App™ only, the KI is Php6,000 + VAT. A special rate of Php5,000 + VAT is offering to RFP®s.

If you refer participants, you get a Php750 referral fee per participant. And for every six (6) paying attendees you refer, you get, instead of the Php750, the corresponding KI of the 6th participant as your referral fee (gross of applicable taxes).

Our company also conducts in-house runs at Php10,000 + VAT per participant provided that all expenses for logistics, including but not limited to travel, board and lodging for at most two (2) trainers, are shouldered by our clients. The minimum number of participants per in-house run is thirty (30). Referral fees will not apply under this arrangement.

The KI for in-house runs apply to employees of cooperative partners of CLIMBS Life and General Insurance Cooperative attending our public runs regardless of venue and time of payment of the KI.

Anybody can organize a public training run for us. Standard KI rates and referral fees for public runs shall apply.

There is a 25-question exam towards the end of the training. The test is all about financial planning ethics, easy enough that we do not even provide a review. The questions are all about putting the customer first. An AFP® Certificate and ID will be awarded by the Registered Financial Planner Philippines to those who pass the exam before the close of the training program.

Both the AFP® and the RFP® programs train financial planners with a curriculum aligned with the Financial Planning Standards Board (FPSB) of the United States of America. The FPSB is the standard setting body of financial planners representing over 60 countries around the world.

The AFP® certification is designed for professionals who are not yet ready to become full-fledged financial planners and serves as stepping stone to becoming an RFP® The Benefits of becoming AFP® are:

1. the ability to carry the AFP® credential in the business card

2. the ability to leverage on the knowledge and prestige that comes with a globally recognized financial planning certification

3. a dry-sealed certificate and official AFP® designation issued by RFP® Philippines

4. discounts of up to 50% on seminars and training programs accredited by RFP® Philippines

5. the invitations to attend Financial Planning Clinics and RFP® Forums

6. advanced entry and discount with credits to the RFP® certification program

There are over 100,000 AFP® professionals around the world. Due to differences in local laws and practices, there is no mutual recognition among countries. Instead, partial exemptions are provided for basic financial planning skills and knowledge already attained. AFP® professionals from Philippines can avail course exemptions when applying for certification in other countries.

To register, please deposit your appropriate KI to BDO Shangri-la S/A# 5540190867 under the name of Efren L. Cruz (note: with outside Metro Manila inter-branch deposit charges) or BPI Katipunan S/A# 3089-1535-72 under the name of Efren L. Cruz (without inter-branch deposit charges). Then please email a copy of the deposit slip to info@personalfinance.ph with your full name, mobile number, date of training and the name of your referrer indicated. We shall confirm your registration ASAP and issue the corresponding official receipt on the first day of training.

After the training, you will already be empowered to provide comprehensive financial plans that go from Php5,000 to Php10,000 each. Your initial KI will therefore have a short payback period.

And if you are a financial products seller, you will find it a lot easier to sell them after you provide your prospects objective financial plans.

There is no pre-requisite as to educational attainment. However, familiarity with the financial services industry, particularly in investing is an advantage.

This program earns ten(10) continuing professional education (CPE) credits for RFP®s. For RFP®s who just want to sharpen their saw, they can just attend the MY PF App™ training module for just Php5,000 + VAT in the afternoon of Day 1 for each training venue.

If you have taken our training and just want to review, you may choose the module you want to attend for just Php500 + VAT per module.

For other details, please contact PFA through info@personalfinance.ph or 0917-505-0709 or (02) 359-3094 (toll-free from any PLDT line in the Philippines).



We provide end-to-end personal finance training programs for employees with the end of taking away the distractions at work and at home cause by money problems.

Our training programs revolve around what we term as the four pillars of personal finance, that of cash, debt, risk and wealth management or CD-RW. Our training programs can be tailor fit to suit all profiles of employees from those who are fresh out of school to those nearing retirement. Plus, our training programs extend to the dependents of employees.  Please see a summary of our EnRich CD-RW training programs below:

Our EnRich CD-RW training programs can run from four hours to as long as two days depending on the content.  In reality, however, our training programs last longer than training day because we include our proprietary after program coaching via SMS and, as shown above, our best friends forever or BFF program.

The after program coaching via SMS can contain 30 to 365 daily messages on personal finance and words of encouragement to guide our training participants towards financial freedom.  On the other hand, our BFF program allows participants to ask questions regarding the training topics free of charge for as long as our company is in existence. Simple consultations can be done through email, mobile phone, social media and this website (through our Ask a Friend, Ask Efren form in the home page).

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